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When you shop with our partners or host a CRS Ethical Trade event, you’re supporting companies that uphold the highest standards of ethical and fair trade.

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Together, we’re transforming lives. Twice.

Our partners are bringing fair prices, safer working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices to poor and disadvantaged communities around the globe. But that’s only the beginning: With every purchase, a donation is made to the CRS Fair Trade Fund. The Fund invests in CRS projects around the world. We’re helping farmers adapt to climate change, improving access to markets and supporting critical education and advocacy initiatives in the United States.


Rebuilding fair trade artisan workshops in Haiti

Strong winds and heavy rain from Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes and businesses throughout Haiti. Artisans were especially hit hard losing their workshops and much of their stock and supplies. CRS is working with Comité Artisanal Haitïen to rebuild three fair trade artisan workshops in Petit-Goave and Les Cayes. This funding will allow 35 artists to rebuild or replace damaged structures and purchase new art supplies.

renovating olive wood workshops in the holy land

CRS has renovated 18 olive wood carving workshops in the Holy Land. The majority of workshops in this cottage industry are poorly wired and ventilated putting workers and the environment at risk.  CRS is working with the Holy Land Handicraft Society and the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation to support the legacy of this traditional art form popular in the Holy Land by creating workshops that are safe for workers and the environment.

Helping coffee farmers recover from coffee leaf rust

The CRS Fair Trade Fund is supporting CEPCO, a fair trade coffee cooperative in Oaxaca Mexico to improve soil quality and coffee production practices.  Cooperative members are renovating coffee farms affected by coffee leaf rust and planting new rust resistant varieties.  Coffee from CEPCO is available through CRS partner Equal Exchange.

Supporting Basket Weavers in Ghana

The CRS Fair Trade Fund is supporting Trade Aid, a a non-profit organization created to find employment for the rural poor of northern Ghana. The fund is helping the women to procure straw during their harvest season so that the weavers can have access to straw during the lean season when it becomes more expensive. The traditional woven baskets are internationally known as Bolga baskets and are widely appreciated for their forms, designs and colorful patterns. The Bolga baskets are usually woven in straw of Vetiver grass, commonly known as elephant grass. Baskets from Trade Aid are available through our partner, Serrv. Donate to the fair trade fund

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