Audrey Assad: A Eucharistic People

Catholic musician Audrey Assad challenges us to hear the call of the Eucharist in our daily lives.

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Kelsey Cherry

Audrey Assad: A Eucharistic People

Audrey Assad

'No man is an island, entire of itself.' —John Donne One of the most beautiful teachings the Catholic Church has to offer to an as-ever polarized and divided world is the idea that we are all connected to each other. Embedded...

Climate Change and the Environment

CRS Staff

In the first chapter of Genesis God looks at everything he made—oceans, lands, plants and animals—and finds it "very good." Then, he rests, admiring the beauty of creation. This creation—Earth—our common home, is at risk. Forests and oceans are suffering...

Climate Change and Your Health

Catastrophic storms. Extreme temperatures. Spread of disease. The effects of climate change impact millions of people every day, yet it can be easy to feel immune from the effects when they don't impact our daily lives. While we may not...

Ethical Moms With Big Busy Families

Ethical Trade Stories: Jenna M.

I want to make sure we do what we can to keep this world clean and safe for the next generation. I'm a busy mom of 4 little loves and over the past 2 years or so I have been...

From Mission to Mothering

Ethical Trade Stories: Jerica I.

I’ve tried to be more intentional in both my purchasing habits and reducing the amount of waste I was creating. My interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle began ten years ago, when I spent a year living at an...