Climate Change and the Environment

In the first chapter of Genesis God looks at everything he made—oceans, lands, plants and animals—and finds it "very good." Then, he rests, admiring the beauty of creation.

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Nancy McNally

Confessions from a Cluttered Life

Ethical Trade Stories: Emily R.

If God cares about me this deeply, I believe with my whole heart that every little change I can make on my journey to a minimal and ethically purchased home will be so worth it. My Confession Welp, the cat...

Communion With Others

Ethical Stories: Catherine M.

We in the West don’t tolerate waiting... I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t give much thought to the idea of conscious consumerism until earlier this year, when I first read Timothy Radcliffe OP’s wonderful ‘What is the...

Shopping For Justice

Ethical Trade Stories: Carla O.

I’m not big on spending but shopping ethically has changed my lifestyle because buying my favorite items: dresses, jewelry and baskets makes a difference in the lives of the people who make them! Why do I know this? I’ve had...

Caring for Women When We Shop

Ethical Stories Claire S.

My previous complaints against ethical shopping seemed not only silly, but immoral. I’m not really that into clothes. My idea of a great outfit includes something I can chase around my kiddos in. So I never really considered shopping something...

A Vocation of Service

Ethical Trade Stories: Sister Colleen

Living an ethical, sustainable lifestyle has become more important to me since I made my vow of poverty. I am a Sister of Mercy, and I have promised “by [my] practice of commit [myself] to follow Jesus, who became...