Nancy McNally

Climate Change and the Environment

CRS Staff

In the first chapter of Genesis God looks at everything he made—oceans, lands, plants and animals—and finds it “very good.” Then, he rests, admiring the beauty of creation.

This creation—Earth—our common home, is at risk. Forests and oceans are suffering from the effects of climate change, and in turn, plants and animals that make these places home are facing extinction. In addition to plants and animals, vulnerable humans often do not have the infrastructure or resources to withstand dangerous storms or droughts brought on by climate change.

As stewards of the Earth’s resources, we are called to protect all living things on the planet. Here are three ways you can act today:


Animals often feel the effects of climate change before humans. Their natural homes are altered due to extreme weather or temperature changes, and consequently these animals adapt their migration patterns and seek new sources for water and food. It is expected that some species, especially crop pests like mosquitoes, ticks and jellyfish, will thrive in these conditions while other land and marine life will become extinct. Advocate today and help people that rely on animals for food and money.

In Ethiopia, where drought has devastated lands, herds of animals wander disoriented expecting water where it was once found.

Purchase a Rebuilding Kit

Around the world vulnerable populations often live in places that are hard to develop—treacherous mountainsides, low-lying land susceptible to floods and dry ground prone to droughts. These places are threatened by climate change and so are the families and communities that live there. As we head into the warm summer months, consider donating a rebuilding kit to a family whose home has been impacted by climate change. 

After Typhoon Haiyan devastated central Philippines, CRS helped families and communities recover through emergency relief, transitional shelter, livelihood programs and other interventions.


Care for your environment beginning with your yard or community garden. Together, we can use our buying power to assist companies that care about our people and our planet. All of the products featured here support organizations that work to create better livelihoods and combat climate change. From fair wages and healthy working conditions to organic and low impact production, join us in supporting companies that work to ensure that our planet is healthy and safe for generations to come.


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