CRS Staff

Don’t Give Up Shopping for Lent

CRS Staff

This year, as you journey through Lent, consider your buying habits. How do your purchases impact those around the world? Do you know who made the clothes you’re wearing or what their life is like?

Three ways to shop this Lent:

Maggie Sweeny(right) and Merideth Berry shop at Ten Thousand Villages.

Thoughtfully: It’s easier to give meaningful gifts to people you care about because you know what they like and need. It’s even easier to give meaningful gifts that also help the vulnerable people who produce them. And don’t forget to invite the ultimate Giver into your purchasing plans by praying before paying!

Faithfully: Spending our money is a moral act as well as an economic one. This Lent, try to buy only the things you truly need, and that are ethically produced. Then test your priorities by fasting from things you really want but don’t really need. It’s a great way to learn who (or what) is really in charge of your spending.

App-propriately: CRS Rice Bowl is designed to help you and your family enjoy a more meaningful Lent. The app offers daily readings, prayers, learning opportunities and tasty global recipes wherever you and your smartphone happen to be.

Finally, by choosing to shop differently this Lent you celebrate the dignity of work and improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. And with almsgiving, entrust some of your treasure to be spent wisely on your behalf to benefit our most vulnerable sisters and brothers around the world. Check out our Ethical Shopping Guide the next time you’re looking to make a purchase.