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Climate Change and Your Health

Catastrophic storms. Extreme temperatures. Spread of disease. The effects of climate change impact millions of people every day, yet it can be easy to feel immune from the effects when they don’t impact our daily lives.

While we may not feel the impact today, climate change has the ability to affect physical and mental well being—our health.

As humans we rely on safe drinking water, clean air and healthy food to live abundant lives. Climate change compromises these resources and poses health risks to wealthy and vulnerable populations. It is vital that we become better stewards of our environment so all people can live healthy lives. Here are three simple ways to fight climate change and support your health and the health of others. 


Huge strides have been made in recent years toward clean water. Between 1990 and 2010 more than 2 billion people gained access to improved water sources.1 While unsafe water is not a daily reality for many of us, climate change is expected to affect water sources around the world, potentially exposing millions to contaminated water and illness. Advocate today to protect our common home and help provide clean water, especially for those most vulnerable.

Students wash their hands at a block of hand washing stations and a water supply tank installed by CRS.

Purchase Mosquito Nets

As the earth experiences extreme temperature changes, vector-borne diseases increase. Vectors, which include mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, carry and transmit diseases. Malaria is a vector-borne disease carried by mosquitoes that affects half a million people each year—most of them children. Even though malaria is not common in the United States, other vector-borne diseases have the potential to impact our lives. We can be proactive by using bug sprays but also by caring for the environment today, in order to mitigate risks in the future. One way to support our brothers and sisters around the world is by purchasing mosquito nets, which help protect families so they can sleep safely and soundly.

Kadia Diarra, 35, and her daughter, Siane Traore, 4, rest on their bed surrounded by mosquito nets.


Use your buying power to assist companies that care about the health of people and the planet. All the products featured here support organizations that work to keep us healthy. From ensuring fair wages and good working conditions to organic and safe growing, these companies support workers and ensure what we buy makes us healthy and keeps our common home healthy too.



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More information about climate and health can be found in the the Climate and Health Assessment

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