Michael Stulman

5 Eco Friendly Recipes for a Sumptuous Summer Soirée

Simone Blanchard

Ice-cold and good for the earth

Serve up some awesome fair trade organic iced coffee from Equal Exchange. Beans are farmed organically and sourced directly from farmer cooperatives across the globe. Check out this supersized iced coffee recipe for a big crowd.


The perfect popsicle for summer

June is iced tea month and Choice Organic Teas kicks it up a notch with these refreshing organic herbal tea popsicles. Perfect for picnics in the park, sunny beach days or enjoying at home, these minty, tropical treats come with an extra boost of immunity-supporting herbs like echinacea, elderflower and eucalyptus. Enjoy Pineapple Breathing Space Popsicles* all summer long.


The barbeque that will rock your block

Take your neighbors on an African adventure with these amazing South African fair trade spice blends. From grilling meat and veggies to sprinkling on salads, the Spice of Life Gift Basket is sure to please any grill aficionado. What’s more, the beautiful Kaisa grass basket is accented with recycled chip and candy bags for a pop of environmentally friendly color. Purchase at Serrv.

A salute to summer salad dressing

Make your salad spin with a better-than-fair vinaigrette. The following recipe will help you whip up a delightful salad dressing that will wow your guests.

1 part Balsamic Rooibos and honey vinegar

3 parts organic fair trade olive oil

2 teaspoons of Cape Garden herb spice blend


Ice cream cookie sandwiches with none of the bad stuff


Face it, so many ice cream novelties on grocery shelves today contain lots of added chemicals. Stick to the good stuff, and make your own treats with organic ice cream and Equal Exchange fair trade organic baking cocoa. They’re sure to delight parents and kids alike. Get the recipe for fair trade organic ice cream sammies.