Host a CRS Coffee Sale

Serve fair trade coffee after Mass. Sell fair trade coffee for a fundraiser or in a buying club. Our partner Equal Exchange makes it easy to support economically just and environmentally sound coffee production.

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CRS, coffee farmers and you—a powerful combination.

CRS works with small-scale coffee farmers all around the world to help improve their coffee, access to markets and quality of life. Equal Exchange is an important partner in this work, advising and training farmers on coffee quality and providing strategic direction to our programming. Every time you drink Equal Exchange coffee, you are supporting thousands of small-scale farmers that CRS works with every day! For more stories and articles about our work with coffee farmers visit



Start planning your fair trade coffee sale today

Serving up lots of ways to support small-scale farmers

  • At your church coffee hour

    Turn fellowship after Mass into a fair trade coffee hour. We even offer a Fellowship Blend for a coffee hour with a higher purpose.

  • At meetings or the rectory

    Nothing perks up a meeting like serving fair trade coffee and snacks. Or take the coffee at the rectory up a notch by making fair trade coffee the house blend.

  • With a coffee sale or at your holiday bazaar

    Give your community a taste of making a difference with a fair trade coffee sale. They’re sure to fall in love with both the coffee and the cause.

  • With a fair trade fundraiser

    Raise money for your school or parish by selling delicious organic chocolate, coffee, cocoa, tea and more—while promoting social justice.

  • With a fair trade coffee buying club

    Keep your cupboard stocked with some of the finest and fairest food and drink. Start a buying club in your school or parish.

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Every purchase has twice the impact

With every purchase, our partners donate a percentage of the sale price to the CRS Global Impact Fund. It’s another good reason to shop with us.


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