More than 20 ethical and fair trade partners. Countless lives touched.

Sourcing from 250 producer associations and nonprofits worldwide, our partners are committed to human rights, environmental protection and community development. They also donate a percentage of your purchase to the CRS Global Impact Fund.

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Partners of the highest standards—that’s our promise

All of our partners are carefully screened in our extensive two-part vetting process. Our strict criteria includes more than living wages, fair treatment of workers, safe working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices. Our partners also invest in their worker communities and respect Catholic social and moral teaching in their business practices. You won’t find this faith component anywhere else.

Respect for Workers

  • Ensure fair and prompt payment to workers
  • Protection for women and children
  • Safe working conditions 
  • Third party verification


January 21, 2014 - Oromia region (Gelan district), Ethiopia - Workers at the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) Ltd. processing coffee beans. CRS and partners Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), Ethio-Wetlands and the Natural Resources Association (EWNRA) are helping Ethiopians with economic activities that comprise a smallholder farm family’s livelihood. The project will combine promotion of agricultural diversification, non-agricultural livelihoods activities, and community-based savings and lending groups (SILC) to increase food security and resiliency.


Respect for Communities

  • Support outreach efforts in communities where products are sourced
  • Honor producers’ cultural norms and practices


Young Peace Ambassadors within a community of Bawku, Upper East Region, Ghana on September 10, 2016. To promote peaceful 2016 elections in Ghana, Catholic Relief Services engaged with local Diocesan, youth and technology partners, local organizations and communities for the ‘Promoting Peace in Northern Ghana Project’. Youth were trained and deployed as youth leaders to promote sustained peace and conflict transformation in their communities before, during and in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 general elections. Due to unemployment and poverty, youth have been targeted in the past by political parties in the region to destabilize the electoral process. The project targets communities in northern and upper east regions under the Catholic Diocese of Damongo, Tamale, and Navrongo/Bolgatanga. Activities that utilize platforms such as radio, dramatizations, photography, sports, dance, music and art to promote peaceful elections and non-violence were adopted by the Young Peace Ambassadors in order to send peace messages out to youth.


Respect for The Environment

  • Promote environmental stewardship through sustainable production practices, materials and methods


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Every purchase has twice the impact

With every purchase, our partners donate a percentage of the sale price to the CRS Global Impact Fund. It’s another good reason to shop with us.


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