Why ethical trade? Because every purchase has an impact

Poor working conditions, unfair wages, human trafficking, production methods and materials that harm the environment—these business practices are more common than you think. That’s why it’s important to buy ethically traded products.

Jake Lyell for CRS

Consider buying only what you need

It’s also important to examine our consumption on a deeper level. What do you truly need as opposed to merely want? More often than not, crass materialism negatively impacts everything from our spiritual life to the environment. In addition to becoming more informed about our purchases, we must ask ourselves what we really need to live a life that honors God, His people and His creation.


Transforming livelihoods—and lives—around the world

Every time you make a purchase from our partners, you’re supporting ethical business practices that adhere to our high standards. These practices help lift workers out of poverty and protect our environment, but your impact doesn’t stop there. Our partners donate a percentage of your purchase to the CRS Global Impact Fund. By investing in CRS projects across the globe, the Fund helps individuals and communities thrive.

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Deepening our faith at home

Our Catholic faith calls us to live out our Gospel values, which include respecting the dignity of work, God’s people and our planet. By making ethical choices as consumers, we’re answering this call on a daily basis.

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